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        • 股票代碼:430434
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        國有企業 上海 成立年份:2014
              Company Introduction
              Eicher Engneering Solutions (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of US EES company. US EES company is owned by the joint venture of Volvo Commercial Vehicle Group and Eicher Group. There are more than 200 advanced engineering experts globally, distributing at 4 locations where in North America, China and India. EES is active and specializing in the domain of CAE and CAD to offer outsourcing services and consulting services, advocating the concept of “analytical driven design”. By now EES has well established a CAE technology center in Beijing and a CAD technology center in Shanghai respectively, ever been serving for a wide range of industrial customers including automobile, construction machinery and aviation industries. Hoff Shanghai is now focusing on automotive interior & exterior CAD domain, has developed into the long-term partnership for technology service to major well-known international Tier 1’s and prominent international design houses in the industry.
              EES Company is equipped with the perfect hardware and software equipments, and has gathered profound experience and knowledge of talented technology resources. Eicher Engneering Solutions (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has built a human oriented system to cultivate, exercise and grow technical comrades in China. We have created a good platform for the career development for our employees. The exceptional opportunity of dramatic growth of China’s automotive industry and the technology promotion for machinery industries has provided Hoff a unique external environment for rapid development. We would like to sincerely invite you who are confident on your high caliber talents to join us. We shall provide extensive career development opportunity and competitive remuneration package!