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        合資企業 上海 成立年份:2005





              Assystem is a leading international group with 40 years know-how experience and 8800 Employees wordwide, total sales in 2006 was 642 Million Euros, in the field of engineering and innovation consultancy. Assystem improves return on investment for customers at each stage of the product life cycle by implementing advanced technologies and supporting innovation in products, production processes and infrastructures.
              Our Mission
              The mission of Assystem, a major international player in the field of Innovation Engineering and Consultancy, is to support companies in the achievement of their industrial projects. The Group operates from R&D to facility maintenance to implement the technologies necessary to the products, processes and infrastructures of its clients.
              Today, Assystem’s ambition is to become one of the 10 leading worldwide companies in innovation engineering and consultancy services and to be recognized as a top ranking partner by its clients.
              Assystem is already presented in 14 countries and is developing in China, India, and Rumania. Each country provides support tailored to the local requirements of its clients through a network of local agencies.
              1/Assystem in Automotive
              Assystem currently has almost 1,300 employees working in the automotive sector, Assystem is present globally, not only on key automotive sector markets but also on significant emerging markets (China, India, Slovakia, Romania, Poland, Russia, Brazil, etc.).
              Our teams work side by side with manufacturers, such as PSA, Renault, Nissan, Mercedes, BMW, and numerous Tier-one suppliers (Bosch, SiemensVDO, Grupo Antolin, Valeo, Visteon etc.), developing new products for them or performing project management tasks.
              Our servicens in Automotive
              ? Vehicle design (architecture, structure/closures, drive train, equipment, , product/process design, electrical/electronics, embedded systems)
              ? Industrialisation (stamping, welding, painting, geometry, flow, logistics, assembly, mechanics)
              ? After-sales engineering (repair manuals, diagnostics methodologies, labour time, dealership network training and support)
              Assystem and the aeronautics and space sectors
              With a collaborative methodology and an involvement at all levels of product development, we provide our customers with multidisciplinary teams. Our competencies and expertise allow us to comply with the demanding requirements of Aeronautics and Space projects.
              ? We are thus able to perform R&D, the development of complete aircraft sections, paper prototyping, prototyping, scaling and subsystem integration, all the way through to final support for product certification
              ? We perform the modelling phases and statistical and dynamic test campaigns
              ? We integrate equipment and systems into the structure
              ? We interface with parts manufacturers to check the quality of manufactured products and their coherence with the final quality of the aircraft (finish) and participate in customer support
              ? We organize work preparation, follow-up and implementation of industrialisation, method design and verification
              Assystem in Nuclear and Energy
              We provide:
              We have expertise in all fields of engineering.
              In the area of design studies:
              System: Value analysis, operating dependability, HAZOP risk analysis
              Design: Layout plan, master plan, flow diagram, industrial organization, 3D mock-up
              Design research: detailed construction study, electrical and mechanical engineering, modeling
              Definition of technical specifications
              In the area of project management:
              Project organisation, planning, cost control, documentation management
              Risk management, project quality, database management
              Manufacturing methods and feedback, reporting
              Inspection/revision/verification of manufactured products
              Regulatory and environmental engineering
              Supervision of assembly, conformity, commissioning tests
              As prime contractor:
              Complete management of projects from pre-project studies to commissioning and reception by the operator.
              Now in China, we offering our expertise in 3 our main sectors, and we have Branch in Wuhan, Joint venture in Nanjing and Shenzhen, headquartered in Shanghai,dedicated our service in Automotive, nuclear/energy and Aerospace industrial in China.
              We welcome all kind of talents who has strong background in Engineering.mechanical,electrical,quality management skills to join our fast developing team.